Jim Sudal Ceramic Design Studio
Scottsdale, Arizona

Jim Sudal Ceramic Design is housed in what was originally Scottsdale, Arizona's first hotel. The historic, low-slung building, located in the downtown area, is constructed of adobe brick. The owner asked us to help him turn the whitewashed, un-improved space into a gallery suitable for his hand-built ceramic pieces, which vary in size from very small to very large.

A custom-designed built-in provides needed storage space and features a unique ceramic top designed by the artist. Staggered shelving allows the display of smaller pieces in a cozy setting. The blue-green backdrop provides a Southwestern accent that reappears in some of the artist's own work. The remaining wall and ceiling surfaces have been painted a glowing golden umber. This creates a subtle but nonetheless striking canvas for the ceramic art while subduing the visual impact of irregular wall and door surfaces.

The concrete floor has been stained a terra-cotta color, creating a warm but highly durable visual counterpart to the golden umber walls. A dark mesquite table doubles as a sales counter and workspace. Hanging candles add a gentle historic touch to the overall ambiance. When lit, during evening art walks and openings, the candlelight is an inviting and unusual beacon, visible from the street.

Design services included: custom millwork, paint, furniture and finish selections.

Photography by: George Caramanna